4th Quarter Moves to Plan A

Posted by Christi Whiteside on 3/13/2021 9:00:00 AM

ECS Parents,
As we approach fourth quarter, we are pleased at the steps we’ve taken back to normalcy.  We have had no community spread on our campus since Covid began. We have gradually added students to campus and added hours to our days, and we have seen the benefits to our students.  Our students need to be together and need to be with their teachers to get the most academic and social growth possible. We are eager to continue that path forward and have two significant changes to our current plan for fourth quarter.
  • Our middle school students will return to campus on non-alternating weeks in fourth quarter. They will join the elementary students on campus every week.
  • Our expectation for fourth quarter is that all students return to learning on campus unless they provide documentation (Click Here for acomodation form) that the student or a household family member is deemed at increased risk by a physician.
Please know that we do not take these steps forward lightly.  We are eager to have all students back learning in person each week with their teacher. We have seen time and again the difference being together makes academically.  However, we are equally concerned about the social-emotional development of our students. Participating in a classroom each year provides students opportunities to grow in their ability to work independently, manage their own materials, and grow their social skills by interacting with their peers.  Such changes are significant, and there are many developmentally critical years in the K-8 range.  The idea of a student leaving campus last year as a first grader (in a self-contained class with a teaching assistant) and returning next year as a third grader (switching classes, managing their own materials, taking EOGs) is a giant leap.  Likewise, a student who left campus as a fourth grader last year reentering campus next year in middle school is equally worrisome. No matter the excellent academic support a family may be able to provide, they cannot duplicate the daily interactions of a student and a class of peers developing together.  We want the best for all of our students and believe returning to campus is the best option.
Fourth quarter plans: 
  • remote learning remains an option ONLY for students/families that are identified as at increased risk by a physician
  • lunch and recess continue on-campus
  • fine arts and elective classes transition to in-person classes
  • elementary school students come to campus every week 
  • middle school students come to campus every week
  • teachers transition to more traditional classroom instruction, not directed at the screen
  • K-2 classes no longer post assignments on Seesaw.  Instead, packets are available to print or pick up.  Completed assignments are returned to campus each week.
  • students in grades 2-8 switch classrooms as a cohort rather than teachers switching classrooms, desks will be sanitized between groups
  • expectations for distancing will align with state guidance
  • continued masks for all students and staff at all times other than specified breaks such as lunch and snack
  • continued focus on hand hygiene
  • antigen testing for symptomatic students begins on campus with parental consent
Plans for 2021-22:
  • all K-8 students return to campus every day
  • expanded grade levels and expanded staff 
  • expectations for hand hygiene, distancing, and masks will align with state guidance
  • facility expansion opens on time
ECS Parents - Please see your email for link to the survey.
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  • A response is due for each student by 12pm on Tuesday, March 16th.
Thank you,
Christi Whiteside, MSA
ECS Director