Guest Blog - School Nurse, Sarah Ipock

Posted by Lauren Manfreda on 1/28/2022 3:00:00 PM

GUEST BLOG, Sarah Ipock, School Nurse
ECS has recently implemented our "test to stay" program. This program is for mask required settings only, and allows unvaccinated students who are exposed to another positive student while unmasked the opportunity to stay in school instead of quarantining at home. Fully vaccinated students who are exposed are not required to quarantine unless they develop symptoms consistent with COVID. 
Students who are exposed (meaning 15 minutes or more of close contact in a distance of less than 6 feet) should COVID test on the day of notification of the exposure (may be a home test, rapid antigen test at school, or a PCR test). They should then test again on as close to day 5 after the exposure as possible (must be a rapid antigen test or PCR test). If the tests are negative, and they remain symptom free they may continue to attend school during the 5 day quarantine period. 
Rapid antigen testing is available at school M-F, during normal school hours. Our school nurse can work with you to schedule testing for your student if needed. You can also visit this link to find out where free PCR COVID testing is available in your area. 
We continue to closely monitor our lunch room to determine close contacts for each positive case reported to the school. Please note that if your child sits at a table with or near a positive case, you will only be notified if it is determined that they are within 6 feet of the positive student, and have had 15 minutes or more of close contact. Students not meeting those requirements, even at the same table with the positive case will not be notified. 
Sarah Ipock, RN
ECS School Nurse