Successful Second Week of School

Posted by Becky Catlett on 8/15/2022

ECS families,


It has been a great second week of school! All students are on campus now, fall sports are underway, middle school clubs will be starting soon, and carpool is running smoothly! That is all great news for day 10 of this year!


Here are a few helpful hints to be sure your year is off to the best possible start!

  1. LiveSchool - If your child is in grades K-8, please sign up!
  2. Powerschool - If your child is in grades 3-8, please sign up!
  3. Carpool - 
  4. Can you imagine something else you could do during the time it takes you to drive to school twice each day? If so, join a carpool group! Carpool World allows families to locate other ECS families who live near them. Joining a carpool decreases your time in line, allows your child to get to know another ECS student, is good for the environment, saves you gas money, and fewer cars in the line decrease the carpool time for everyone - including our staff! 
  5. When the carpool line moves forward, please try to follow the preceding car without a huge gap. We have approximately 20 carpool groups each afternoon. One additional minute per group means our staff is outside in a 105 heat index for an extra 20 minutes!
  6. When traffic off our campus stops our carpool line from moving, we divert cars into a second exit lane. Thank you for merging back into one line at the campus exit! We appreciate your patience with traffic challenges outside of our control!!
  7. K family info - 
  8. Students are doing a great job following the “Smiley Face Trail” to and from the carpool line. Congratulate them!
  9. They are doing a great job managing their backpacks and lunchboxes as well! 
  10. Please help your child practice getting in and out of the car with a backpack independently. Most can master opening the car door with practice. Just an extra 1 minute of carpool time per K child would add 80 minutes to our total carpool time! The little slowdowns add up!
  11. When asking your child about his or her school day, here are some talking points;
  12. What enrichment class did you go to today? Tell me what you did!
  13. Did you eat your snack today? Was it easy to open? Did you like it?
  14. What was your favorite thing in your lunch? Was anything hard to open or close?  
  15. Did you use letters today? What did you do?
  16. Did you use numbers today? What did you do?
  17. What did you learn today that was new?
  18. Can you remember the names of any grown-ups you saw today?
  19. Who sits at your table?
  20. Who was really nice today? How?


Christi Whiteside, MSA

ECS Director