Campus Projects

Posted by Becky Catlett on 9/12/2022

Happy Friday!  This Labor Day week has been a busy one at Endeavor!  Many of you have asked about the projects happening around campus, especially the work on the middle school playground.  No, we are not building an ice skating rink!!  When we reviewed ways to make our campus and our procedures safer at the end of last year, we looked at external and internal risks.  One of the areas we were concerned about was the area where middle school played soccer at recess.  The wear and tear would not support grass growth, which left rocks and sticks continually coming to the surface after each big rain. So we’ve done two things.  First, soccer is being played on our actual soccer field.  This increased usage is taking its toll on that field, but we are working on reconditioning it.  Second, we are putting in a turf area.  This is the small framed area where you see the work currently happening.  Our middle schoolers are patiently waiting to have the area back for use each day.  


You’ll also see some other changes happening on campus.  Some concrete drainage paths have been poured to direct rainwater to the correct spots in the middle school recess area.  Some downspouts are being adjusted. Numbers will soon be painted over each exterior door to support first responders accessing our campus. We are also very eagerly awaiting the installation of our auditorium sound and lights system coming sometime this winter. However, our most immediate change is the library!  What a gorgeous thing to see!!  We are finalizing the process for students to check out books starting on September 19. Students and staff will be trained on how to care for the books (no folding page corners!!), how to check out and return books, and behavior expectations in the library.  We are also training some of our National Junior Honor Society students who will serve as library assistants. 


Thanks for all you do each day to help our campus continue to grow and flourish!