Curriculum Night

Posted by Becky Catlett on 8/29/2022

ECS families,


Thank you for joining us for Curriculum Night! It was wonderful to host this event on campus again! If you didn’t get a chance to come, please review your child’s grade-level Google Slides presentation. This is a great way to stay in touch, understand expectations, and plan ahead! Another great way to plan ahead is to use our master calendar. This calendar can be found on our website in the blue toolbar in the middle of the page. This calendar will let you plan ahead for performances and special events. Mark your calendars now! We have many great events coming this school year!!


Also, as you moved through the building for Curriculum Night, you may have noticed the hall signs describing our noise expectations. Our students have done a great job learning and practicing this system. The volume in our halls has decreased significantly!  


When you are on campus for lunch and recess duty, please use this system. Holding up the indicated number of fingers will provide the students with a visible reminder of the noise expectation. In our elementary halls, the noise expectation is 0. In the middle school halls, the noise expectation is 1. Your consistent support of this system helps our students learn the different volume expectations in different locations. If you are supervising students, saying, “Level 0 voices!” and holding up a 0 with your fingers will generally result in a significant voice drop.