Student Successes

Posted by Becky Catlett on 9/19/2022

We’ve had a short week, but a great week!  It was so nice seeing so many families on campus and on-line for conferences.  The information our teachers have to share is important!  Thank you for prioritizing this time!  


We are excited to begin sharing some of our student success as captured in our LiveSchool data.  One of my goals for the year is to share the data regarding our initiatives.  We will be posting this information in our front hall.  


The line graph below shows information about our whole school as of today.  Ignore the money section.  We aren’t using that feature!   You can see that, as a staff, we’ve given 40 positive points for every negative lost point.  That shows how fantastic our kids are!

The chart below shows the top five traits students have received points for.  For a school that focuses on hands-on learning, I am so proud to see that the most points we’ve given are for Active Participation.  Wow!

Moving forward, we will be looking at this data organized by grade level.  I am excited to start sharing the successes with each grade level.


Thank you for sending us such great kids!