Second Quarter Begins

Posted by Becky Catlett on 10/21/2022

What a crazy, busy first week of the second quarter!  In just this first week back at ECS we had field trips in kindergarten and fourth grade, our Fall Sports Awards Ceremony, and our Middle School Opening Ceremony.  Winter Sports have begun, and all classes are now in the second half of the first semester!  


This quarter brings us all the following:  additional field trips including grades 6-8 Gleaning at NC farms to help support local food banks, our Middle School production of Annie Jr, Middle School Fear Factor Day, DARE, and our Family Fun Fest.  We will continue our elementary treasure boxes and LiveSchool store for our Elementary students, and Middle Schoolers will participate in our LiveSchool Extravaganza in December.


Please know that this quarter, we need all families to help our students be successful in the following ways:

  1. Watch the weather!  Students will be outside for recess unless precipitation falls or the ground is unsafe for play.  Please be sure your child dresses appropriately for the cold days ahead.  We know the NC weather can fluctuate rapidly, so please check the forecast daily!
  2. Many school supplies were used up last quarter.  Please be sure your child has a good supply of papers, pencils, etc.
  3. This quarter has fewer days than most.  This means that one zero or one very low grade can be difficult to recover from.  Please help your child meet deadlines all quarter!
  4. Second quarter assignments may get significantly more difficult.  The beginning-of-year reviews are finished, and all classes are moving forward.  Please be aware of your child's struggles and help them power through difficult work rather than giving up.
  5. Check Powerschool and LiveSchool to stay current on missing work, behavior issues, etc.


As we move into this busy time of year, I want to take a moment to thank all of you for helping your children and our school be successful.  When you come to lunch and recess duty, chaperone field trips, volunteer for PAWS/Board/Foundation, or come to Lend a PAW, you are helping our entire community.  When you help your child complete homework or study for a test, you are helping not just your child, but our entire community. When you take a moment to send a positive note to a staff member, you are helping our entire community.  When you send in tissues and cleaning products and emergency lunch food, you are helping our entire community.  With each action you do to invest in our school, you are lightening the load of someone else.  Thank you for making those decisions!  You are making a difference in more ways than you know.