End of First Quarter

Posted by Becky Catlett on 9/29/2022

Well, the first quarter certainly ended with a bang!  Hurricane Ian messed up our last-day plans and started our track out a bit early.  We hope everyone is safe and sound and weathering the storm.  


We are very proud of the work we’ve done together this quarter.  I reviewed our LiveSchool data today and was so impressed!  Our students earned 161,000 points this quarter. They lost 4,091.  That is a ratio of 39 positive points earned to every point lost.  Our elementary school students have spent 54,802 LiveSchool points in our grades 2-5 Liveschool Store and K-1 classroom treasure boxes.  Middle school students are earning points towards our winter LiveSchool Extravaganza!  Please take some time over the break to look at your children’s LiveSchool accounts and praise them for the behaviors they are earning points for.  We’ve got really great kids!  


Over the break, please clean out their backpacks, replenish school supplies, and help your kids relax.  We want them all to be well-rested and ready to start the second quarter strong!   Be sure to mark your calendars for our annual Fall Fun Fest!  It’s going to be a great second quarter!